Friday, November 25, 2016

Ten Simple and Beautiful Bridal Mehndi 2017

Wedding is the most important part of our life. Our life turns into a beautiful journey on the day of wedding. Every bride tries to be special on wedding day. Staring with costume selection, make up, Hair styles, Nail color, they take care of each and every element. We try to be more beautiful than ever else. Our pretty hands also should look beautiful on that day right? What makes hands beautiful? The moisture applied on hands just gives an added advantage to makeup but there is one more thing which adds more beauty to our hands. That is nothing but the mehndi -designs. So, it is very important to choose right mehndi -designs for hands.

Bridal mehndi -designs for wedding event mehndi -designs Ten latest unique Bridal mehndi -designs for an auspicious wedding bridal mehendi designs for wedding event

During wedding it is not only important to choose mehndi designs but it is also important to choose latest Arabic mehndi design. Bridal mehndi designs are something that differs from normal mehndi designs. These mehndi -designs should cover most of the area of your hands, should have good look and shouldn’t be uneven. This is what you must basically take care of.  Let’s have a look of the top ten latest mehndi designs.

Blooming flower :

This beautiful Bridal mehndi design is so easy to design on your hand and gives a very beautiful look to your hands.

blooming flower mehndi -design mehndi -designs Ten latest unique Bridal mehendi-designs for an auspicious wedding blooming flower mehendi designs

Peacock Design :

This peacock mehndi design brings live peacocks on your hands and makes your hands pretty.

Rajasthani Carving :

This Rajasthani bridal mehndi design brings Rajasthan’s beautiful carvings on your hands.

Colorful Mehendi :

This latest mehndi design was to be designed with two colors and then brings a colorful look to your hands.

Mango flower carving :

This mehndi design is simple to design and brings a beautiful look to your hands.

Simple Full Love design :

This mehndi design shows your love when you combine your hands.

Cute Carving design :

This cute carving design brings an amazing look to your hands and makes your wedding more delightful.

Raja Rani mehendi design :

This mehendi design shows a beautiful couple of raja and rani on your hands and makes the wedding auspicious.

Simple flower design :

This bridal mehendi design is fully designed with flowers and is simple to design. You can see more mehdni designs on Top Pakistan.

Bride & Bridegroom design :

This mehendi design shows our wedding event on hands itself.